165/65 R14 Tyres

You are looking for a summer-, winter- or all-season tyre of size 165/65 14? 

The tyre marking (see sidewall of the tyres) indicates the exact dimensions of the tyre: the first number stands for the tyre width in millimetres, while the value behind it is a percentage. It says something about the relationship between tyre width and the flank height of the tyre. The width of the tyre, 65% is to be determined, which results in the height of 107.25 mm. 

For the right rim, the inner diameter of the tyre, which is determined by the last number - is 14 inches. 

Before this number, you can see the letter R which is not important concerning the measurement. It just indicates that this tyre (like most tyres these days) are of a radial design.

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