165/70 R13 Tyres

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Tyre size explained - 165/70 R13

Small cars, for example from Vauxhall or Renault, often drive with tyres of the size 165 70 13. But what does this sequence of numbers, which are also written on the sidewall of a tyre mean? The first value shows the width of the tyre, which is shown in millimetres. This is followed by a percentage of the ratio between this width and the flank height of the tyre. This number must be multiplied by the width. For the 165/70 13 tyre, this results in 115.5 mm. It fits on rims with a diameter of 13 inches, which can be seen in the last number of the dimensions. It also stands for the inner diameter of the tyre.

The letter R simply stands for the Radial design of the tyre. Buy your new tyres online today either for home delivery or for fitting at our workshop. 

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