165/70 R14 Tyres

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165 70 R14 tyres are ideally suited for economically minded motorists with a high demand for driving comfort. Visually, the narrow tyres make an excellent impression, especially on small cars such as the Fiat Punto or Audi A1. 


The dimensions of a passenger car tyre largely determine its characteristics. In this case, for example, the rolling resistance is determined over the width of the tread. Narrow tyres produce low rolling resistance, resulting in low fuel consumption. Furthermore, the surface pressure increases with decreasing tyre width. Especially when driving on snow-covered asphalt, this is noticeable, as the tyre can sink in deeply and thus the profile ensures optimal grip. By contrast, the ride height of a full-year tyre is determined by the tyre height. The bigger the tyre height, the more comfort the car tyre offers. Responsible for this is the rubber layer of the tyres, which becomes thicker with increasing height and thus dampens the vehicle better. 

With an inside diameter of 14 inches, the 165 70 R14 tyres are designed for visually unobtrusive 14-inch rims. The relatively small rims affect the comfort and the fuel consumption positively. 

Low fuel consumption, high driving comfort and convincing driving characteristics make the 165 70 R14 tyres ideal for compact cars. 


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