175/65 R14 Tyres

Tyres in dimension 175/65 R14 

175/65 R14 Car Tyres are mainly meant for small cars. The numbers and the letter R visible on the tyre sidewall (and also documented in your vehicle's V5 registration paper) identify the specific characteristics of this tyre. 

The "175" - indicates the width of the tyre in millimetres measured at the widest point of the tyre (unloaded). 

The "65" - indicates the ratio of the tyre's flank height to its width. On this tyre, the percentage is 65%. This means a flank height of 113.75 mm, (65 percent of 175 millimetres).   

The "R" - this refers to the design of the tyre. Tyres marked with "R" are "radial tyres".  

The "14" - indicates the rim size needed for this tyre in inches.  So, for this particular tyres, you would need rims with a diameter of 14 inches. 

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