175/70 R14 Tyres

Buy tyres of size 175/70 R14 in Rotherham - Canklow Service Station. Online or in store for home delivery or shop fitting.

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To know the width of a 175/70 14 tyre, take a look at the first number. The 175 represents the maximum distance between the inner and outer side walls and is expressed in millimetres. For the measurement, the tyre must be mounted on the rim. The second number can be used to close the flank height of the tyre. The 70 is a percentage which is multiplied by the tyre width of 175 mm. The result is 122.5 mm. The 175 70 14 tyre is pulled onto a 14-inch rim, which corresponds to the inner diameter of the tyre - this is the last figure in the tyre designation. The "R" simply refers to the radial design of the tyre.

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