185/60 R14 Tyres

Are you looking for new, cheap tyres in size 185/60 R14? 

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With a width of 185 millimetres, the 185 60 R14 tyres represent a standard measure of standard tyres. Due to the small rim diameter, the tyres of the dimension 185 60 R14 are predestined as tyres for small cars. This can be recognised by the indices engraved on the tyre sidewall. The three-digit number indicates the tyre width. In this case, the width is 185 millimetres. The first two-digit number is the ratio of height to width of the tyre section (60%). The last number (14) is the rim diameter from rim edge to rim edge. This number is given in inches. 

Tyres of size 185 60 R14 are a very common size in the small car segment. 

On our website, you will find tyres in this size for every season from many different manufacturers - from top-of-the-range over mid-range to the cheaper alternatives. 

You can easily and quickly order them online. If you want us to fit the tyres for you, you can book an appointment conveniently with your order. In case you don't live in the Rotherham area, we will be happy to deliver the tyres to your home address instead so you can get them fitted locally. This would still save you good money. 

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