195/45 R16 Tyres

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The size 195 45 R16 tyre is characterised by good braking and steering characteristics, a pleasant ride comfort and attractive fuel consumption. Their dimensions are the tyres between the group of wide tyres and the "normal" tyre - but are counted to the latter. 


Owners of small and compact cars such as the Renault Clio, Audi A3 or the Mercedes C-Class can use 195 45 R16 tyres as reliable tyres. Due to their width of 195 millimetres, the car tyres achieve a good grip on dry and wet roads. Traction, braking and handling are greatly improved, guaranteeing maximum driving safety. Tyres of size 195 45 R16 also asserted itself by a low fuel consumption and excellent ride comfort.  

Tyres of dimension 195 45 R16 are designed for high speeds. They offer first-class driving characteristics and are particularly fuel-efficient. For these reasons, the tyre size is offered by a variety of well-known manufacturers. 

On our Canklow Service Station website, you will find many different brands to choose from in this tyre size, so there is a tyre for every budget - and for every season as we sell summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres in this popular size. 

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