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The type designation 195/50 r15 discloses the following: the first number, the 195, is millimetres. It is the width of the tyre and refers to modern tyres to the cross-sectional width after mounting on the rim. To get this value, the distance between the inner and the outer side wall is measured. A tyre width of 195 millimetres is a mediocre width. The number after the slash is a percentage and gives information about the tyre profile about the tyre width. So we're talking about a tyre profile of 50% - more specifically, a low profile tyre. Tyres of a class up to 50% are always referred to as low profile tyres. If the value is below 50%, it is called low-section or sports tyres. All tyres with a value of over 80% are titled as a full profile. Tyre design is the structure of the carcass; this is radial in our case - "R".  The last indication, after R, is the inner diameter of the tyre in inches. This value is needed when buying a new rim (here 15 inches). The tyres are usually marked with a load index like for example 82, allowing a load of 475 kg per tyre. The speed index of category 195/50 r15 tyres varies by manufacturer. 

You will be able to find information like speed index, rolling resistance, noise etc. when looking at the specific tyres on our website. 

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