195/55 R15 Tyres

When purchasing tyres, it is important that the tyre is approved for the vehicle in question. Whether it is fitting, a glance in the car's V5 (log book) reveals. There is the required tyre size showing very clearly. 

About size 195/55 15:

The tyre measurement itself is found on the tyre flank. But what do the numbers mean? The first number states the tyre width, which is indicated in millimetres. In reality, it can deviate somewhat - this is permitted and often not to be prevented. It is, however, measured at the widest point of the cross-section when the tyre is mounted on the rim. However, it must not be loaded. The second figure is the tyre profile - the ratio between tyre width and height. The latter results in this case of a 195/55 15 tyre of 55 percent of 195 mm. The third figure - here it is 15 inches - shows the wheel rim size suitable for this tyre.

The R simply refers to the design of the tyre (radial design).

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