195/70 R15 Tyres

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What is included in tyre designations such as 195/70R15? In short, it is all subject to a standard. So it is always clear how big the tyre is. For a 195/70R15 tyre, the width is 195 mm, which is always stated on the tyre sidewall as the first number of the tyre identification and is indicated in millimetres. The tyre height is not shown directly but can be calculated from the values in the designation. For this, one must know that the second number belongs to the tyre profile and this is the relation between tyre height and width. Since the tyre width is known, the tyre height can also be determined. In this case, the width 195 mm is multiplied by 0.7 (for 70 percent). Accordingly, the tyre is 136.5 mm high. The tyre profile is usually followed by an R for the radial tyre type, which is sometimes omitted. Behind this, an indication of the inner radius of the tyre is made in inches so that the appropriate wheel rim size can be seen.

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