205/40 R17 Tyres

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205 - this number stands at a 205/40 17 tyre for its width. The width is measured in millimetres when the tyre is on a rim. It must not be loaded through during the measurement. Because a rim can deform a tyre somewhat and because the tyre cannot be machined to millimetres accurately, it is an approximate value. Such a tyre can also be 206 mm wide. This does not matter because the next tyre size is 215/40 17.

Low profile strip with 40% flank height

The tyre height can't be shown in millimetres. However, it can not be found directly in the tyre marking (sidewall of the tyre). The second number is rather the tyre profile, which tells you a little bit about the percentage of the tyre width and its height. For a 205/40 17 tyre, the height of the tyre flank is thus calculated like this: 205 mm multiplied by 0.4 (or 40 percent) = 82 mm. With such a low tyre profile, this tyre is one of the so-called "low-profile" tyres. It also has an internal radius of 17 inches, which can be seen in the third figure (R= radial design). This value is also important when buying a rim, because the tyre must, of course, fit on the rim.

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