205/45 R16 Tyres

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If a tyre needs replacing, the right tyre size is required. Whether summer-, winter- or all-season tyres - just look into the vehicle documents and it is already clear which tyres have to be bought. A focused look at the sidewalls of the tyres also shows whether these tyres are matching the specifications in the papers. Tyre designations are subject to certain standards and are designed according to pattern 205/45 16. The 205 for this tyre stands for the width of the product in millimetres. This is measured when the tyre rests on the rim but does not carry any load. Its height is determined by the tyre profile, the second number of the tyre identification. It sets the tyre height in relation to the width (here: 45 percent of 205 mm = 92.25 mm height). A tyre with a profile of 45 percent belongs to the low-profile category. This one also has an internal diameter of 16 inches, which is important to know when choosing the rims.

The letter "R" stands for Radial (the design of the tyre).

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