205/50 R16 Tyres

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On this page, we would like to tell you a bit about the tyre size 205/50 R16. 

Many Manufacturers have the tyre size 205/50 16 in their product range, from the famous top brands to the lesser-known manufacturers. This tyre size, which can be used on many vehicles, contains the tyre width of 205 mm as the first number. The number behind that is a percentage value. It refers to the width and is used to calculate the flank height. Here it is 50 percent of 205 mm, i.e. 102.5 mm. The number 16 at the end of the tyre designation indicates the inner radius of the tyre. The corresponding unit of measure is inches. 16 inches must also be the rim on which this tyre is mounted. The "R" stands for "Radial design". 

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