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The indication "205 55 R16" is a marking for car tyres. It is clearly visible on the side of the tyres and is derived from the so-called ECE regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe at the United Nations (Economic Commission for Europe).

The three-digit number before the slash indicates the tyre width in millimetres. This value is measured in the unstressed state and the widest place. These are thus car tyres with a width of 205 millimetres. The following two-digit number indicates the ratio of the edge height and the tyre width in percent. This is 55 percent. Thus the flank height of the tyre amounts to 205 millimetres * 55 percent = 112.75 millimetres. The letter R indicates that these are so-called radial tyres, which are also referred to as belt tyres. Compared to diagonal tyres, these offer more grip and a longer life, especially on wet roads. The last two digits indicate that these tyres are suitable for 16-inch rims.

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