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A 215/55 16 tyre is a standard size that is mainly used in mid-range vehicles. Every single number provides information about the condition of this tyre. First, an indication of the tyre width is made. The value 205 can be assigned to this - the appropriate unit of measure is millimetres. Tyre widths are shown in 10 mm increments. The second value is a percentage that refers to the tyre tread. The 55 percent is to be compared with the tyre width of 205 mm to be able to describe the tyre height. The result of this calculation are 112.75 mm. Important - for example, for the purchase of aluminium rims - is also the inner diameter of the tyre. This is represented by the third number and is 16 inches for a 215/55 16 tyre. If the tyre is later mounted on a rim, it must also have this diameter. R simply stands for "radial design". 

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