215/60 R16 Tyres

215/60 16 Tyres are available to buy online from us for summer and winter, but also as all-season tyres. 

They have a width of 215 mm, which is the maximum distance between the inner side wall and the outer side wall. A certain tolerance is possible, whereby tyre widths are graded in 10 mm increments, so small deviations are not a problem. After the slash in the tyre marking, there is a percentage value. It stands for the ratio between the flank height and the width of the tyre. The exact height is thus calculated from 60 percent of 215 mm and so is 129 mm. The last number belongs to the inner diameter of the tyre in inches. R simply stands for "Radial" - the most common design in modern tyres.

On our website, we have put together a large selection of tyres for every season and budget in this particular tyre size. We are confident you will find the right ones for your vehicle. We would be happy to balance and fit the tyres for you at our workshop in Rotherham, but if you prefer home delivery, we will certainly arrange it for you.

We are looking forward to processing your order.

Your Canklow Service team