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215 - tyre width 

The numerical value 215 for a 215 65 r16 tyre is called the present tyre width. The value is given in millimetres, with the 215 65 r16 tyres having a width of 215 millimetres or 21.5 centimetres. In practice, the actual width of a tyre differs minimally from this standard value, a variance of a few millimetres is within the tolerable range and can often not be avoided due to production. The width is determined for a tyre with the specification 215 65 r16 after mounting the tyre on a rim. When this assembly step has taken place, a distance measurement takes place between the farthest points that can be determined on the outside or inside of the sidewall of the tyre. 

65 - tyre profile 

A 215 65 r16 tyre has a so-called 65 tyre profile. This value, which is usually second in the tyre description, can be read as a percentage of the tyre's width. Specifically, the 215 65 r16 is a model whose profile height is 65 percent of the width, i.e. 215 millimetres. Converted the tyre thus offers a height of 139.75 millimetres. The indication of the tyre tread is not given if it is a full profile, where the ratio between width and height is 80 percent. With a value of 65, the 215 65 r16 tyre is sold more like a high-profile tyre; its profile information is compared to all tyre models in the upper midfield. 

R - radial tyres 

The letter R is nowadays found in 98 percent of the newly produced tyres and therefore also in the 215 65 r16 tyre. This is an indication of the mode of production of the tyre given; concretely, attention is drawn to the radial processing of carcass threads in 215 65 r16 tyres. These run through the entire tyre and are also arranged orthogonally to the running direction of the tyre. 

16 - diameter 

The last number of the 215 65 r16 tyre indicates the diameter of the rim on which the tyre model can be mounted. The 215 65 r16 tyre, therefore, requires a 16-inch rim with a diameter of 40.64 centimetres. 

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