225/45 R18 Tyres

Need to buy new tyres in size 225/45 R18 in Rotherham?

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A 225/45 18 tyre has sporting characteristics. With its width of 225 mm, which is represented by the first number visible on the tyre sidewall, it offers a lot of support surface, which improves the adhesion on the road - a plus, especially at high speeds. The width is the maximum distance between points on the inner and outer side walls. In addition, this size tyre has a tyre profile of only 45 percent, which is why it belongs to the low-profile tyres. 

This moderate tyre profile is typical of wider tyres. The tyre height can be determined from it and the tyre width. For this, the tyre profile is directly set in relation to the tyre width, which results in a tyre height of 101.25 mm (45% of 225 mm). The diameter of the tyre is expressed through the third number showing on the tyres. Here it is 18 inches and is equal to the size of the wheel rim used for this tyre.

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