225/65 R17 Tyres

Tyres in dimension 225/65 R17

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Are you looking for new 225/65 R17 Car tyres? 

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We can help you to find the perfect tyres in this size - whatever the season. We have summer tyres, winter tyres and even all-season tyre available in this size. 

Have you ever wondered what the numbers and the letter on the sidewalls of your tyres actually mean? 

225 - This number stands for the tyre's width.  

It is measured in mm (the tyre has to be mounted on the rim but without any load). A rim can slightly deform a tyre so it cannot be measured hundred percent accurately. So, it is an approximate value. Such a tyre can also be 206 mm wide.  

65 - It is not possible to show a tyre's hight in mm. So the second number indicated on the tyre sidewall actually describes the tyre profile. The number 65 is the percentage of the tyre width in relation to its height. For a 225/65 R17 tyre, the height of the tyre is calculated like this: 225 mm multiplied by 0.65 (or 65 percent) = 146,25 mm. 

R - This letter stands for the radial design of the tyre 

17 - That is the internal radius of 17 inches. This means the tyre fits a 17-inch rim. 

As mentioned before, on our website, you can buy 225/65R17 Tyres for every season. Many different manufacturers are producing these popular size tyres.  

On our Canklow Service Station website, the simple search engine will help you to find and buy 225/65 R17 tyres online fast and with peace of mind. There are tyres for every budget, and you can choose whether you want us to send the tyres out to your home or get them fitted by our friendly experts in our workshop in Rotherham. 

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