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Have you ever wondered what the numbers on the tyres actually stand for? 

The first number 235 represents the width of a 235/40 18 tyre in millimetres. This car tyre is thus about 235 mm wide, measured between the inner and outer wall. We say "about" because it probably it will not be exactly 235mm wide. A certain tolerance range has to be considered due to different production processes. So a 235/40 18 can actually be slightly narrower or wider. 

Tyres for 18-inch wheels 

The number 40 on a 235/40 18 tyre refers to the tyre width and is a percentage value, also called tyre profile. It helps to determine the flank height of the tyre, which in this case is 40 percent of 235 mm. Tyres with a tyre profile of 40 percent are among the low profile tyres, while a percentage of 80 is referred to as solid profile tyres. In addition to the tyre width and the tyre profile, the tyre designation 235/40 18 also provides information about the inner diameter of the tyre. This indicates the right rim size - both are 18 inches for a 235/40 18 tyre. The "R" simply stands for "radial design". 

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