235/60 R18 Tyres

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A tyre of size 235 60 R18  is a custom-made construction that gives PS-strong vehicles sufficient grip in a wide range of conditions. The SUV tyre offers good performance on dry, wet, sandy and rocky slopes. 


In contrast to narrower tyres for other vehicle classes, the research and development of dimensions like the 235 60 R18 are significantly more expensive than for "normal" tyres. These sorts of tyres have to fulfil numerous characteristics in order to meet the high demands of the consumers. Thus, for example, on motorways, a smooth running at a speed of well over 120 mph is required. But not only on the streets, this kind of tyre must offer a good grip and ride comfort. Anyone who owns an SUV vehicle would like to be able to drive on sandy or rocky terrain without jeopardising their own safety. 


The 235 60 R18 tyre size proves to be very versatile. A tyre that counts among the most popular models.  

The density of manufacturers is enormous, leaving consumers with little reason to worry about choosing the wrong tyre model. 

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