245/40 R17 Tyres

1. A 245/40 R17 tyre combines two special tyre shapes.  

It belongs to the wide tyres with its width of 245 mm. They are used on sports cars or tuned vehicles. The tyre width is expressed by the first value in a tyre designation such as 245/40 R17. If for example, you look at the tyres of a BMW M5, the wide slaps are clearly visible. They give such cars more grip on the road when the driver brings the speedometer to the maximum. Incidentally, the tyre width of 245 mm is just a theoretical value. In practice, there may be slight variations in tyre production. These fault tolerances are absorbed by continuing the first number of the tyre identifiers in increments of ten. 

2. Determination of the tyre height 

After the tyre width, the tyre tread is mentioned on the tyre. For a 245/40 R17 tyre, it is 40 percent, and that would be the second special feature because tyre profiles of less than 50 percent are called low-profile tyres. The tyre profile represents the ratio of tyre width to tyre height. The latter is determined for this tyre by calculating 40 percent of 245 mm. It is therefore 98 mm. The letter R indicates: This is a radial tyre.  

The R is followed by a third number. It stands for the inner radius of the tyre, which is 17 inches here. At the same time, this is also the measure of the rim that fits this tyre.  

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