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Tyre Specification  

The value 245 indicates the tyre width in millimetres. The width of a 245 40 r18 tyre thus amounts to 24.5 centimetres, which already represents an elevated tyre width for classic cars. The tyre width specified by the manufacturer is determined after fitting a 245 40 r18 tyre on a suitable rim. Measured to determine the tyre width, the largest distance that can be determined between the inner and outer side wall after mounting the tyre on the rim. The specification 245 should be understood as a standard value, within the permitted manufacturing tolerance the widths of the 245 40 r18 tyres in practice more often deviate by a few millimetres from the indicated dimensions. 

A value of 40 indicates the tyre's percentage height compared to its width on the 245 40 r18 tyre. In relation to its width of 245 millimetres, the tyre has a height of 40 percent of this dimension, which translates into an altitude of 100 millimetres or ten centimetres. With tyre width 40, the 245 40 r18 tyre is one of the low profile tyres.  

With the letter R, which can be found in 98 percent of modern vehicle tyres, the manufacturer of a 245 40 r18 tyre assures the so-called radial production. This means that the carcass threads run through the entire tyre body in a radial, ie circular shape and are aligned at 90 degrees to the direction of the tyre. 

The last number of the 245 40 r18 tyre is the diameter of the rim, which is suitable for mounting this tyre model. In this case, an 18-inch rim is required, equivalent to a diameter of almost 46 centimetres. 

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