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Air Conditioning

Climate service with or without disinfection

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The air conditioning system not only ensures comfort but also provides a higher degree of safety due to supporting the driver's ability to concentrate. For it to function appropriately and not to blow contaminants or bacteria into the vehicle interior, regular maintenance is indispensable.

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Air conditioning maintenance prevents expensive consequential damage

Air-conditioning systems are not a fully closed system. Therefore, refrigerant loss occurs with each air conditioner over time. As a result, the cooling capacity decreases and the probability of more expensive consequential damage increases at the same time. Therefore, you should regularly arrange a climate service, preferably annually.

The air conditioning system is not automatically checked during every inspection. When the cooling performance of your air conditioner has subsided, you should have it checked for any refrigerant losses. If the coolant level drops too much, you risk expensive damage to the air conditioning system! Therefore, avoid costly repairs with regular maintenance of your air conditioner and possibly arrange a combination date with the normal vehicle inspection or just before your next MOT to save extra time and labour costs.

Air condition defective?

If the interior is too hot or too cold in spite of the air conditioning running, this can have various causes: Is there not enough refrigerant or coolant in the cooling system? Do the cool radiators or V-belts not work? A leaking or blocked radiator can also impair the functioning of the air conditioning system. Do not let it get that far. Repairing the air condition is much more expensive than regular maintenance.

Clean air from the air conditioning system

An automatic climate control does not only create pleasant temperatures, but it also ensures fresh air. So-called cabin air filters or pollen or interior filters clean the air coming from the outside from pollen, diesel soot, fine dust, ozone and other irritants. These cabin air filters should also be regularly renewed to maintain the optimum function of the cooling system. Therefore, it is best to schedule an annual maintenance plan for your air conditioner in our garage. Disinfection of the system can also be carried out here. Use the climate service best before the coming warm summer months. This way, you can avoid long waiting times and your car will be ideally equipped for hot days.

Low fuel consumption due to regular air conditioning service.

The use of the air-conditioning system always generates an additional consumption. The level depends on the operating conditions, the engine power and the design of the air-conditioning compressor. The latter increases the working resistance of the motor and thus the fuel consumption. Depending on the type of air conditioner, an additional fuel consumption of up to 5l / 60 miles can also occur in your car. However, the additional use varies enormously utilising an air-conditioning system between motorway trips (0.4 to 1.2 L/60 miles) and urban transport (2 to 4.5l/60 miles). Through a regular climate service in your workshop, you help to minimise the additional consumption and thus reduce operating costs.

When you are looking for an Air condition service near you, you will find the competent workshop right here at your Canklow Service Station in Rotherham.