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With the Canklow Service station, you have found a qualified specialist workshop to have your car's battery replaced. In our workshop, we only use spare parts in original equipment quality!

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Often a low battery is a reason when a vehicle does not start. Start-up assistance with a second vehicle or recharging with an external charger can provide a short-term remedy. If this problem repeatedly occurs, the battery needs replacing. A check of the battery power can be carried out at a specialist workshop.

Save time and come to see us at the Canklow Service Station

in Rotherham. We will check your car's battery for you.

The Car battery

The car battery of modern vehicles has to do heavy work: not only onboard computers and convenience electronics but also light and engine depend on a powerful battery. Before your car stops due to an old, insufficient battery, or if you cannot get the vehicle started in winter, you should regularly check the performance of your battery and have an inadequate car battery replaced at the garage in time.

Battery test in the workshop

The lifetime of the car battery is dependent on many factors - if a vehicle is left standing without starting the engine for a longer period or driving only very short distances can reduce the lifetime as well as the constant activation of many power consumers. Especially during the winter time, most batteries are slack, so drivers should look for a car station to check their performance at the first signs of declining battery power. Our Canklow Service Station

in Rotherham can determine whether the battery needs to be charged or changed.

Check the battery

Replace the battery with the help of a specialist

Change the battery

If the battery of your vehicle fails and needs to be replaced, for example, because the light system has not been switched off completely, or the old battery has to pay tribute to the winter weather: the battery change should be done by experts in the car garage, as some electronic devices must get reinitialized after a battery change. At our specialist workshop, our experts can put a new battery in quickly, using original equipment quality batteries and we also take care of the disposal of the old one.

Valuable tips on care and careful handling

The regular maintenance and careful handling of the battery prevent a battery failure. Therefore, you should leave power consumers switched off before a cold start and also use them sparingly during the journey. A clean engine compartment protects against an unwanted self-discharge of the battery by leakage currents in the damp dirt. Fully synthetic motor oils are also helpful, as they can spread more quickly, make the engine run more efficiently, and significantly reduce power consumption. Help and tips are also available directly from our team at the Canklow Service Station workshop.

For modern cars with sensitive and complicated electronics, it is essential to have the battery changed by an expert garage. Only specialised workshops have the necessary electronic diagnostic tools. And: We at the Canklow Service Station exclusively use parts etc. in original equipment quality, for example from Bosch. Only on older car models, the change of the battery is not quite as complicated.

Change vehicle batteries: step-by-step instructions

Motor and all consumers in the car must be turned off.

This is how the faulty car battery is removed: First, remove the nut from the negative pole of the battery and then remove the black cable. Then the red wire is removed from the positive pole in the same way. Now you have to loosen the screws with which the car battery is attached to the vehicle body.

The old car battery is taken out of the engine casing, and the new battery is inserted.

To connect the new battery, proceed in the reverse order: first, attach the red cable to the positive terminal and then the black cable to the negative terminal. This sequence must be strictly observed to prevent a short circuit or spark.

Once the car battery is screwed back to the motor vehicle body again.

Due to the power supply to all consumers was interrupted, the clock and the radio must then be reset (you will need the radio code).

To complicated? Don't want to take a risk?

Not a problem at all. 

Come to see us (no appointment needed). Your friendly Canklow Service Station team in Rotherham will sort it all out for you quickly and without charging you a fortune.