Audi Car

Audi service in Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

We offer our customers not only repair and maintenance but also a wide range of other services that will make life more comfortable. 

Selected services at a glance 

Here we offer you a brief overview of selected offers from service and workshop. Please call or write to us for questions or individual service requests. 

Audi LongLife service and Audi inspection service 

Regular maintenance will positively influence the value and reliability of your vehicle. Here we offer the Audi LongLife service and, alternatively, the Audi inspection service. 

The Audi LongLife service is based on a special technology which takes your personal driving style and the individual operating conditions of your vehicle into consideration. This is why your LongLife service is flexible: Either after a certain mileage or at the latest after two years. Your advantages: You benefit from the necessary maintenance intervals and can extend the maintenance-free times. 

The Audi inspection service is an alternative to the Audi LongLife service. It consists of two parts: an oil change after 9000 miles(or 12 months) and the inspection after 18000 (or 24 months). The service interval display of your Audi reminds you of both dates. 

Audi yearly inspection 

The Audi annual inspection keeps your vehicle in good shape. Customers with Audi vehicles of the years 2002 and older can look forward to a very special offer: they receive the annual inspection at a reasonable fixed price.  

Vehicle inspection at the Audi Car Check 

The Audi Car Check, for example, is ideal if you would like your vehicle to be inspected by a specialist before long trips etc. At the Audi Car Check, we check the most important functions of your Audi, which are particularly stressed, among other things. Tyres, exhaust system and engine settings. 

Audi MOT and exhaust gas testing  

The deadlines for the legally prescribed main investigation (MOT) and exhaust gas testing are usually not appropriate. For us, one more reason to make these examinations as uncomplicated as possible: To identify and correct potential vehicle defects in good time before the MOT, we offer you the pre-check. 

Tyre replacement and testing at the Audi wheel service 

Our Audi wheel service is more than just tyre change. Also, we check the profile, running pattern, air pressure and check the wheels for possible unbalances.  

Audi battery check 

The Audi battery check helps you to keep your vehicle up and running. Our specialists examine the general condition, the acidity and the charge of the battery. We recommend the Audi battery check before the cold season. 

Maintenance of the air conditioning system at the Audi air conditioning service 

An air conditioning system promotes the well-being and the concentration capacity of all occupants, especially on hot and humid days. Also, it reduces the fogging of the panes by its dehumidifying effect. All this can only be done with full functionality. Get your Audi's air condition checked with your Canklow Service Station Audi air-conditioning service. Within the scope of services: function control, testing of filters and disinfection. 

Repair of small damages with our Audi Clever Repair 

Within the scope of Audi Clever Repair, we offer you particularly fast and cost-effective ways to repair minor damage. Innovative repair methods are used.  You can save up to 75% of the usual repair costs.