Enjoy unrestricted mobility with the Canklow Service Station workshop services in Rotherham. 

Proper maintenance and repair increases the life of your vehicle and gives you unrestricted mobility. Ensure maximum road safety and optimal driving pleasure with a fully functional vehicle. 

At Canklow Service Station, you are in the best hands when maintenance or repair work is carried out on your car.  


BMW's engines stand for power, efficiency and long life. We make sure it stays like this. We only use high-quality engine oils and oil filters. We use the recommended engine oils and Original BMW oil filters so that you can enjoy your BMW for a long time. 

Included in BMW services: 

Suitable replacement of the oil filter 

Replacement of engine oil 

Environmentally safe disposal of the used oil and the old oil filters 

Reset the maintenance system 


Have your BMW checked by the professionals. Then you can be sure to enjoy driving pleasure in an optimally maintained vehicle. 

Coolant, frost protection, air filter 

Fan belt 

Oil level 

Braking system 

Windows and headlights 

Oil level for automatic transmissions 

Windshield wiper and washer 


Tyre profile and tyre pressure 

Alignment check 


Heating, rear window heating, micro filter 

We can certainly also carry out your yearly MOT and emission test. 


We exchange the brake discs and pads with original BMW components, which are perfectly matched to your vehicle. Their optimum interaction ensures excellent braking performance and maximum safety in any situation. 

Included services: 

Removing the wheels 

Comprehensive inspection of the brake system including the brake hoses 

Replace worn components (brake discs, brake pads and brake lining sensor) 

Thorough cleaning of the brakes 

Mounting the wheels and checking the braking effect 


The BMW tyre service ensures that tyres, wheels and chassis components are perfectly matched to one another. Our BMW service specialists recommend the best tyres for your vehicle. The BMW tyre service always offers first-class products and competent advice. 

Our services: 


Tyre change 



Pressure check 

Cleaning and care 


Our offer includes all the materials required to carry out the specified services. The parts used during the inspection are high-quality original BMW components and meet the highest BMW quality requirements. 

Comprehensive measure: 

Fault memory query in the diagnostic system 

Body and electronics: 

Control of the lighting system and the battery 

Inspection of instrument display, instrument lighting, etc. 

Check the condition and function of the seat belts and belt buckles 

Control of the acid and charge state 

Replacement of microfilter with activated carbon filter Engine compartment: 

Oil change: Replacement of engine oil and oil filter 

Check the coolant level 

Replace the brake fluid (if required) 

Replacing spark plugs (not required on all models) 

Replace the intake air filter 

Landing gear: 

Check the brake system 

Checking the steering 

Check all visible parts of chassis and body 

Testing and, if necessary, adjustment of the tyre pressure  

Final inspection: 

Including checking of brakes, steering/servo steering, clutch, control and warning lights as well as the check control 

Reset the maintenance system 

Engine compartment: 

    Oil change:  

Replacement of engine oil and oil filter 

Check the coolant level 

Replace the brake fluid (if required) 

Replacing spark plugs (not required on all models) 

Replace the intake air filter 

The optimal repair and maintenance of your BMW secure its safety and its value.  

You can always rely on our competence, our specific expertise and our workshop equipment. 

Your BMW experts at Canklow Service Station in Rotherham are looking forward to seeing you soon.