Daihatsu Car

Daihatsu Service - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station  

Daihatsu - a great, practical and reliable vehicle. 

Great, our team at Canklow Service Station is just the same! 

That's why we can do whatever needs doing on your vehicle for you to make sure, you stay safe and keep your Daihatsu in good working order for many years to come. 

Daihatsu Air-conditioning service  

With our Canklow Service Station air-con service, you will always have the perfect temperature and air-quality in your car.  

After service and air-con have been sorted, let's have a good look at your tyres.  

We offer our non-obligatory tyre check to everybody free of charge. 

We check the tyres for any damage, measure the tread depth and make sure your tyres are filled with the correct air pressure. 

Apart from that, you can buy new tyres from us via our website or directly in store, whenever you need them and we can certainly also check your Daihatsu's wheel alignment (for more information, please have a look at the info page on our website). 

Daihatsu tyres and four-wheel alignment - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station! 

Did you know, we also do MOT testing at our premises? 

Save time and money by booking your car in with us, next time your vehicle's MOT test is due. 

Daihatsu - MOT - Rotherham - Cankloew Service Station. 

If you have any questions, want us to repair your vehicle or need an estimate from us, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Our team will be very happy to help.