Fiat Car

Fiat service in Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Best service - everything is possible! 

You will be surprised how many Fiat service offers are available to you. Convince yourself of the quality of our workshop and the accessories and parts offers. We have arranged numerous specials for you, which you should take a closer look at. 

It is worth it! 

- Tyre change  

- Wheel alignment 

- Disc service 

- Accident service 

- Fiat MOT and exhaust gas testing  

- Repairs  

- Inspections  

- Complete Services 

- Vehicle preparation 

- Spare parts and accessories service 

- MOT 

We offer you the full FIAT service. 

We guarantee professional services, maintenance and repair work on your vehicle, promptly and at fair prices.Personal advice and support are included in the service. We always have time for you if you have problems with your vehicle. We only use spare parts of high quality. Wherever possible and economically viable, we repair defective parts ourselves. 

Fiat MOT and exhaust gas testing 

The main examination MOT) is required by law and must be carried out on a regular basis. Since 2010 the exhaust gas analysis has been integrated into the MOT test. 

If your main examination is pending, you can have it carried out at our Rotherham workshop/testing station quickly and easily. 

Fiat Exhaust Service 

The exhaust system of a vehicle fulfils many vital tasks daily with its successive components and is heavily loaded with the current performance of your car. 

Today, sophisticated systems with many functions have replaced the simple pipes with silencers. 

To ensure that the function of the exhaust system is fully guaranteed and to check the condition regularly, you should have the exhaust system checked at least once a year. 

We would like to support you: 

Free visual inspection of your FIAT's exhaust system 

Professional installation of spare parts in original equipment quality 

Disposal of the old exhaust parts 

 FIAT Brake Service 

Braking systems of modern motor vehicles are more powerful than ever before. Despite the constantly increasing vehicle weight and higher speeds, the braking distances are getting shorter, and the safety is getting ever greater. 

The braking system with its mechanical and electronic components plays a decisive role in the safety of your vehicle. The function and the state decisively determine the outcome of a dangerous situation. 

Therefore, have your brake system checked regularly by a specialist. 

We are happy to assist you by: 

Visual inspection of the brake system 

Check the brake fluid 

Check the brake pads and brake discs 

Check the brake hoses 

Electronic diagnosis