Ford Car

Ford Services in Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

We offer you competent advice and first-class service at customer-oriented opening hours. You can get information about all our services on our website. You can certainly also visit us directly. 

In best hands 

Competently trained technicians carry out the necessary work on your Ford vehicle using only the latest equipment. On top of that, there are customer-friendly appointments and competitive prices for products and services 

Our car master workshop offers the following Ford services: 

General maintenance 


Disk Repair 

General inspection and Ford services 

Exhaust gas test for petrol- diesel vehicles 

Electronic computer wheel alignment 

Air Conditioning Service 

Automotive electrical service 

Parts and accessories 

Wheel service and tyres of all well-known manufacturers 


Tyres and wheels 

Tyre replacement 

Don't make your fingers dirty. We do it all for you, professionally and cost-effectively.  

Balancing tasks 

On request, we will install and balance your wheels. 

Tyre disposal 

Your Canklow Service Station team disposes of your old tyres for you at no extra costs.  

Attractive offers around Ford wheels and tyres 

To meet the highest quality and safety standards, there is a lot to consider for choosing the right tyres. With our expertise, we can offer you high-quality tyres in the high, medium and low price segment. 

Ford Air conditioning service - Why? 

A vehicle air-conditioning system is not maintenance-free. The air conditioning system loses up to 15% of refrigerant in one year, through hoses, O-rings and the shaft seals on the compressor. This leads to insufficient cooling in the vehicle interior. If this refrigerant loss is not compensated for by regular maintenance, your air-conditioning system must bear higher loads. Since the refrigerant also ensures the lubrication of moving parts, too little coolant can lead to new parts damage. 

Tips for proper operation of your Ford air conditioner: 

 In winter, switch on the air conditioner regularly for at least 10 minutes. This eliminates air contamination and prevents corrosion damage.