Honda Car

Your HONDA service in Rotherham - Canklow Service Station:  

Good, cheap and fair 

We want you to drive safely with your Honda. 


We attach great importance to our long-standing employees. Regular further training enables our specialists to constantly expand their knowledge. Thanks to this highly qualified knowledge, we guarantee you a reliable HONDA service. 


Whatever the extent of the service or repair you need for your car, we guarantee a timely service. Before this, you will receive a binding quotation from your HONDA service, which includes the total material costs as well as the working time on your vehicle. 


Your HONDA partner is always at your side. A fast, planned and reliable handling of your order is always our priority. You can trust our service team. Any repairs or services to your car are carried out solely by your agreement. Our HONDA service always ensures that your vehicle is at its best. 

Honda workshop service 

With us, you get everything from personal services and service packages, making the journey in your Honda even more comfortable and safer. You can rest assured that your Honda will only be handled by trained and highly qualified employees. So you can be sure that your Honda remains as reliable and high-quality as you expect it to be. 

Our services: 

Honda warranty processing 

Quick service, oil change, exhaust, brakes etc. 

Honda original spare parts 

Honda genuine accessories 

Accessories such as auxiliary heating and air conditioning 

Accident repairs 

Inspection and Maintenance 

Honda Air condition service 

Tyre sales - new tyres for your Honda for every season, purpose and budget 

Tyre fitting- and service 

MOT and emission testing - flexible appointments available. 

Timing belts 

Exhaust system 

Insurance services 

Wheel alignment 

For more information about our services, please have a look at our website - or come to see us. We will be happy to speak to you and look at your vehicle. 

Your Canklow Service Station team