Mazda Car

Mazda Services - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Is the service light showing on your Mazda's dashboard? 

No problem, just give us a shout and we book it in. Your Canklow Service Station team will sort it all out for you. 

And it does not end just there. Using the latest technology and tools we can do so much more for your Mazda. 

Mazda tyres and wheel alignment - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Whether it's new tyres (we have a huge selection of tyres available at all times), wheel alignment or air condition maintenance or an MOT test that needs sorting in your Mazda vehicle, Canklow Service Station will do it for you. 

Air condition Service Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

No more Pollen attacks, nasty smells or wrong climate. We will make sure; your aircon works perfectly for you. 

MOT test - in the Rotherham area - Canklow Service Station 

We always have convenient appointment available - just let us know when you want to bring your car. 

Please do not worry about the costs - we don't work for free but we always do our best to keep the costs as low as possible.  

We work as fast as possible, so we only need to charge you the minimum working time, and we use high-quality spare parts without all the extra costs main dealers would charge you. 

Any main dealer warranty will certainly stay intact. 

Mazda service - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station. 

For more detailed information about our services, please have a look at our website. 

If you have any particular questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.  

Our team will always be happy to speak to you.