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Mitsubishi Services Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Are you looking for reliable, non-expensive garage for your Mitsubishi vehicle? Canklow Service Station is the place to go. We offer the best services for Mitsubishi vehicles in and around Rotherham. 

Regular maintenance is significant to ensure the reliability of your Mitsubishi now and in future. We will help you maintain the safety and functionality of your vehicle. 

The highly experienced Canklow Service Station technicians will do their best with the help of the latest technology and advanced tools. We only use best quality spare parts and our many years of experience will make sure your Mitsubishi always stays in shape!  

Call us, send us an email or come to see us in order to book a convenient service appointment. 

Why not combine the annual service with your MOT test? 

This way, you save time and money plus you can avoid an MOT test failure as we can sort any shortcomings out beforehand. 

MOT - Mitsubishi - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

While your vehicle service and MOT need to be done every year, your Mitsubishi's air condition should also be checked every once in a while.  

This way, you will always have the right climate in your car all year round, safe fuel, avoid fungi, bad bacteria, pollen and nasty smells. 

Mitsubishi Air-conditioning Service - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station. 

Now that your Mitsubishi's service, MOT air con etc. are ok, let’s not forget to mention the tyres...  

Many motorists still underestimate the importance of the right- and well-maintained tyres. Tyres are the only parts of a vehicle directly connecting the car to the road. 

Mitsubishi tyres plus wheel-alignment in the Rotherham area - Your Canklow Service Station! 

Please check out our fantastic selection of tyres, all sizes suitable for your Mitsubishi. You will find the perfect tyres in no time and at a surprisingly low price. 

Once the tyres are fitted, let's have a good look at the vehicle's four-wheel alignment. We have more detailed information about this interesting topic on our website. Please have a read so you know how important correctly aligned wheels are. 

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