Proton Car

Proton service Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Does your Proton need a service?  

In order to prevent damage to your car, services must be carried out at regular intervals. Just get your car's service done by us - Canklow Service Station in Rotherham and you will be able to keep driving your Proton for many years to come. 

Canklow Service Station's Proton service is tailored to every vehicle's specific needs. We will carry out the perfect service on your car. 

Proton Air-condition service 

Whatever the season - always have the best climate with your Canklow Service Station air conditioning service 

With our service, bad odours, higher fuel consumption, common bacteria- and fungi attacks are a thing of the past. 

Proton - Aircondition Service - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Once service and air condition are sorted, let's have a good look at your Proton's tyres. 

A vital part of vehicle maintenance for your safety.  

We will check your tyres for damages, the right air pressure and have a look at the tyre's tread to make sure it is still sufficient. 

Need new tyres? No problem. You can buy your new ones on our Canklow Service Station website with only a few clicks. 

In the same go, you can also book a fitting appointment at our garage. There we can also do the wheel alignment for you if necessary. We have the latest technology in-house. Please have a look at our website where we have put some interesting facts and information together for you about this topic.  

Any queries? Please get in touch with us. 

Proton - four-wheel alignment in the Rotherham area - Canklow Service Station 

Last but not least, remember when your Proton's next MOT test is due. 

Another service we have available for our customers directly at our premises. 

We always have appointments available. 

Proton - MOT test - Rotherham  - Canklow Service Station