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Suzuki Service Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Do you drive a Suzuki and are looking for a garage to maintain it? 

Let us do it for you. We at the Canklow Service Station in Rotherham have not only many years of experience but also the latest technology. We make sure your Suzuki keeps running for many years to come without any problems. 

With our tailor-made services, we can cater to all your vehicle's needs. 

Canklow Service Station - Suzuki Air conditioning re-gas:  

Whatever the season - we make sure, you always have the perfect climate in your car and won't have any problems with bacteria and fungi, pollen or other nasties spreading in your vehicle. 

A Suzuki is a reliable vehicle, but still, it needs some maintenance work from time to time - including the air-conditioning system. 

Another part of your Suzuki that should never be forgotten is the tyres. 

Regular tyre checks are essential to make sure the tyre tread is still sufficient; there is no damage, and they are filled with the correct amount of air.  

In case your Suzuki needs new tyres, you will be happy to hear that we at Canklow Service Station have lots of different brands, models and sizes available for every season and every budget. 

Suzuki Tyres - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Once the new tyres have been fitted, we always advise our customers to get the wheel alignment checked as well.  

Please have a read through the wheel alignment information page on our website. 

Suzuki - four- wheel alignment in the Rotherham area - Canklow Service Station! 

The last thing we would like to mention on this page is your Suzuki's MOT test. 

Is it due anytime soon?  

Don't worry; we can sort this out for you too. 

Why not combine the MOT test with your annual maintenance service? 

This way you can save time and money plus be sure, the vehicle is safe - for another year with peace of mind. 

But of course, you can also just book an MOT test on its own. We have flexible appointments for you available so we can work around your busy schedule. 

MOT - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station