Vauxhall Car

Vauxhall Services Rotherham – Canklow Service Station 

Let us look after your car. From service, inspections, repairs, air condition checks, vehicle tyres, wheel alignment/tracking to MOT test - we are here for you.  

We are your perfect partner for your vehicle maintenance. With us, there is no need to run around spending a lot of time and money to get everything done on your vehicle.  

Our Canklow Service Station team will do whatever needs doing accurately and as fast as possible, always trying to keep the costs as low for you as possible. 

Canklow Service Station’s Vauxhall service caters for every Vauxhall vehicle's specific needs. It all depends on the age and the running performance of your car; our service specialists know exactly what’s best for your vehicle. 

Vauxhall Air condition re-gas 

The right climate all year round with your Canklow Service Station Vauxhall air conditioning service. 

It is well-known by now that well- airconditioned vehicles are less involved in accidents because drivers can concentrate much better on clean air and the right temperature in the car.  

But no air condition is maintenance-free! 

With a Canklow Service Station Vauxhall climate service you get the perfect climate avoid bad odours and bacteria/fungi and lower fuel consumption. 

The Vauxhall Service in Rotherham- Canklow Service Station! 

Vauxhall tyres plus four-wheel alignment Rotherham-Canklow Service Station! 

So after we have looked after your Vauxhall’s maintenance service and its air conditioning system, what about the tyres for your car? 

Tyres are a very, very important part of every vehicle and should never be neglected! 

Have a look at our extensive tyre range online. It does not matter which Vauxhall model you drive and how high or low your budget is, we at Canklow Service Station have the perfect tyres for you. 

Once the new tyres are fitted, why not get the wheel alignment checked with the latest technology? 

On our website, you will find more detailed information about all our services.  

Vauxhall Wheel Alignment in Rotherham –Canklow Service Station! 

And last but not least, please don’t forget when your Vauxhall’s next MOT test is due. 

No need to go to a different place for that. At Canklow Service Station, we can sort it out too. 

So just remember Vauxhall  - MOT – Rotherham - Canklow Service Station.