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The defective exhaust: partial repair or the complete change?

Who does not know the situation? A thundering, deafening sound is heard through the streets. Usually, a broken exhaust is responsible. In itself, any problem with the exhaust should not be postponed for long, because more or less severe problems can follow. In the case of a possible defect of the exhaust system, it is always advisable to drive too early rather than too late to the workshop. So you save not only annoying your neighbors but also save cash. A broken exhaust often leads to higher fuel consumption and reduced engine power. At With Canklow Service Station, you have just found your reliable, local workshop for checking, repairing and changing the exhaust. 

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Repairs on the exhaust  - do not hesitate too long!

The exhaust system of a car is usually referred to as an exhaust pipe. The exhaust has the task of leading the hot combustion exhaust gases of the engine below the floor of the car to the tailgate, where they pass through the tailpipe into the open. The exhaust gases pass through at least one silencer, in which the vibrations of the exhaust stream are eliminated. If the car sounds funny or extremely loud, then it is advisable to check the exhaust for a defect. If you discover a hole in the exhaust pipe (exhaust silencer), then it is not quite so critical. Holes in the pipe or a connecting weld are far more critical and should be repaired as soon as possible.

Change of the individual parts of the exhaust

Every single part of the exhaust can be responsible for a defect and for the classic booming noise of a defective exhaust. To change the whole exhaust system is however not quite favourable. Usually, this is not necessary at all. Therefore, before the change, you should first determine what exactly is defective at the exhaust. If only one of the mufflers is broken, or if a connecting pipe is no longer properly fixed, the change is much easier. Then only the broken part is replaced, and the rest of the exhaust system is left as it is.

Regarding design, the exhaust system is a sophisticated component, which is not seen in the tailpipe and mainly made of brass pipes. The exhaust is exposed to a wide range of strain. On the one hand, there is the thermal strain because the exhaust must absorb several hundred degrees of hot exhaust gases, but at the same time, it is surrounded by the normal ambient air. In the case of the exhaust repair and the change of the individual parts, therefore, no materials should be used that do not withstand these thermal loads. This applies to the components when the exhaust part is changed.

Influences that lead to repair

In addition, the exhaust is exposed to strong vibrations. In addition, the exhaust is subjected to strong chemical influences. For example, aggressive chemical substances such as acids are often present in condensing exhaust gases.

Self-help is possible, but not permanently

For a short-term repair, the exhaust under the vehicle is usually easily accessible. By applying a so-called repair paste, for example, small holes and cracks can be sealed on the silencer. Directly on a simple pipe section, damage can also disappear under clamps or double clamps. This option is a widespread solution to repair the defective exhaust in the short term and eliminate the described symptoms. However, because this type of exhaust does not last very long, professional workshops do not recommend this procedure for a permanent repair.

Visiting a professional workshop will still be necessary sooner or later. Replacing the damaged parts is the only reliable solution. At Canklow Service Station, you will find the right people and the right equipment and all at the right price!

Change of the exhaust in the workshop

In our garage, the repair of the exhaust is not a very challenging work, which is easy to handle using a lifting ramp. Like the catalytic converter, an exhaust depending on vehicle and engine also has different designs. Frequently there is a division into front mufflers, middle mufflers and rear mufflers. In the case of a complete exhaust change, all these parts are replaced. In a specific case, partial repairs may be sufficient. In addition to the new mufflers or exhausts, the brackets are also renewed. These are usually made of rubber and become porous over the life of an exhaust system and tear in extreme cases.

Thus, the broken exhaust is changed

In order to change the exhaust, the vehicle must be placed on a lifting platform so that the parts of the exhaust to be changed can be replaced. At the same time, the specialist must take sufficient time to align the parts so that they do not strike anywhere. If the defective sections of the exhaust are replaced by corresponding new parts (OEM or brand quality), the exhaust service is therefore quickly done and belongs to the past for a long time.

The parts of an exhaust are subject to extreme temperature fluctuations and are exposed to different environmental influences such as streaks and dampness during each journey. The result is a rather short lifetime of most exhaust systems. These hard conditions often and quickly create small holes in the various mufflers and connecting pipes. It can even come to a complete peel and rusting parts. Then it is high time to visit a workshop. For rusted metal parts of the exhaust system not only have the disadvantage that they are noisy. Parts can become detached during a trip and lead to a risk to road traffic. Therefore, we recommend a professional visual inspection of the exhaust system at least once a year. In many vehicles, this is done anyway during the annual service. 

How expensive is it to change the exhaust?

The cost of the exhaust change depends heavily on the parts. Depending on how many silencers need to be installed in the exhaust gas tract and whether the vehicle has a two-piece exhaust, the cost of parts during the exhaust change can be very different. In general, vehicles with larger engines and more power have a more expensive exhaust system than small cars.

Our team of experts would certainly have a look at the exhaust system first and give you an estimate for the necessary work.

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