Summer Tyres

Summer tyres in Rotherham: Discover the special offers from Canklow Service Station 

Summer tyres - Optimal ground adhesion with low wear 

When spring approaches, the temperatures stabilise, and the roads no longer freeze, the season of summer has come. Summer tyres are characterised by short braking distances, high driving safety, quiet rolling noise and lower fuel consumption, particularly in the case of dry road surfaces. At the same time, they have a significantly lower wear rate than winter tyres at higher temperatures. This is due to the tougher rubber compound of the summer tyre. However, a winter tyre with a soft rubber mixture produces much more friction and warmth at warm temperatures and high speeds, which is why they wear more quickly. 

Tyre manufacturers are always faced with the demanding task of finding a balancing act between low rolling resistance and sufficient grip in adverse weather conditions. To be able to optimally suppress the rainwater and thus avoid the risk of aquaplaning, tyres need sufficient profile grooves, also called a negative area. 

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Worth knowing about summer tyres: 

Summer tyres should be driven between April and October. You have probably heard of the famous rule of thumb "from O to E", from Easter to October for winter tyres. However, before you opt for a tyre change, check for damage and the profile depth. The statutory minimum profile depth for summer tyres is 1.6 mm. Canklow Service Station experts recommend though you should renew the tyres from a profile depth of 2.5 mm for your safety, since already from this profile depth you can expect much lower braking values ​​on wet roads. When buying a tyre, you always have to keep in mind the load-bearing index, the rim size, the tyre cross-section, the tyre width, or other details that you can find on the tyre flank. For all questions about your tyres, we are at your disposal.  

The Canklow Service Station team wishes you a good trip!