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In 1898, Frank Seiberling founded the company, which was soon to set standards concerning car tyres with its Goodyear tyres. Named after the inventor of the vulcanization process, Charles Goodyear, the Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company initially manufactured rubber products of all kinds and then only tyres for bicycles. With the increasing popularity of the automobile, Goodyear began with the car tyre production at the beginning of the 20th century and quickly made its first successes. The US company, which is located in Akron, Ohio, invented the first universal rim and developed the tyre manufacturing machine that made the production of the Goodyear tyres more economical. 

While just 13 employees were involved in the production of the Goodyear tyres at the beginning, today there are almost 70,000 employees in 27 countries spread over more than 90 factories around the world. Goodyear is regarded as an innovative tyre manufacturer who is constantly developing innovative tyres and improving the most important features of summer and winter tyres. Among the most important new developments of the Goodyear engineers, are the first all-season tyres as belt tyres (1977) and the first high-performance tyre (1987). Also, Goodyear tyres are valued for their Extended Mobility Technology (EMT), the Run-flat tyres from Goodyear. 

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After the company had started production of aircraft tyres in 1910 and Goodyear developed tires for other special vehicles, the tyre was even brought to the moon. The Moon mobile Lunar Rover drove a total of over 90 kilometres on the Moon with three Goodyear tyres. Also in Formula 1, Goodyear tyres were used until 1998 by top teams like Williams and Ferrari. 

Goodyear today builds tyres for all types of vehicles, mainly car tyres and truck tyres. Goodyear all-season tyres, however, are very popular because they are considered very reliable. How well Goodyear tyres perform on all road surfaces and in all weather conditions is also shown in independent tyre tests.  

Goodyear tyres stand for longevity, safe driving, good traction on wet and dry roads, as well as on snow and ice. The lane stability, a low rolling resistance and the low noise level are ideal for drivers who like to drive comfortably and safely. 

So, you see, there are many good reasons for choosing Goodyear tyres.  

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