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Tyre Manufacturers - Kumho Tyres

The tyre manufacturer Kumho is based in South Korea and produces quality tyres at competitive prices since the early Sixties. Experiences of the company originated mainly from racing!  

Kumho Tyres has since achieved a place in the Top-ten of the largest tyre producers in the world which means that Kumho tyres have convinced many tyre buyers around the globe as they do extremely well under all conditions. 

Top road grip of the Kumho tyres 

Tyres of the Kumho brand exhibit advanced rolling resistance and therefore a very smooth driving experience. In addition, Kumho tyres provide a good grip on wet and dry road surfaces and are by now very well known for their exact steering behaviour. Due to the specially designed tread pattern, moisture is dischargedfast, which improves the prevention of aquaplaning and is therefore  increasing the safety. 

Kumho tyres in reviews 

In recent years, Kumho tyres have been in the news with good reviews. In many independent tyre tests, Kumho tyres had even surpassed products from well-known brand manufacturers when it came to driving on a damp road surface! 

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