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Michelin is one of the best-known brands in the world. It is mainly known for the quality and top performance of its products. With more than 100 wins in Formula 1 and becoming world champion twice, Michelin ranks among the tyre makers with the most titles. For years Michelin has been synonymous with reliability, safety and boldness, while at the same time being environmentally aware. Michelin began its activity as a tyre manufacturer in Clermont-Ferrand (France). Over 3500 tyre models were designed in more than a century. Michelin maintains relations with the best-known vehicle brands. Every day almost 900,000 tyres are produced. Michelin means production sites in 19 countries and on five continents. 

Michelin tyres - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station 

Many well-known car manufacturers choose Michelin tyres as the original equipment of their cars. Continuous research and development, as well as extensive quality testing, guarantee high-performance products. This makes Michelin one of the leading brands worldwide. 

If you are looking for top quality tyres, Michelin tyres would definitely be a very good choice. We at the Canklow Service Station always have a huge selection of Dunlop tyres available online. 

To see the full range of Michelin tyres, please check out our website. You will find all Michelin winter tyres, summer tyres, all-season tyres and run-flat tyres rig within a few seconds.  

In case you are struggling to choose, please let us know. We will help you straight away. 

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Michelin Tyres Models

Michelin 4x4 Diamaris  Tyres4x4 Diamaris  Tyres
4x4 Diamaris
Michelin 4x4 Diamaris XL Tyres4x4 Diamaris XL Tyres
4x4 Diamaris XL
Michelin 4x4 O/R XZL  Tyres4x4 O/R XZL  Tyres
4x4 O/R XZL
Michelin Agilis  TyresAgilis  Tyres
Michelin Agilis 41 XL TyresAgilis 41 XL Tyres
Agilis 41 XL
Michelin Agilis 51  TyresAgilis 51  Tyres
Agilis 51
Michelin Agilis 51 Snow-Ice  TyresAgilis 51 Snow-Ice  Tyres
Agilis 51 Snow-Ice
Michelin Agilis Alpin  TyresAgilis Alpin  Tyres
Agilis Alpin
Michelin Agilis Camping  TyresAgilis Camping  Tyres
Agilis Camping
Michelin Agilis GRNX  TyresAgilis GRNX  Tyres
Agilis GRNX
Michelin Agilis X-Ice North  TyresAgilis X-Ice North  Tyres
Agilis X-Ice North
Michelin Agilis+  TyresAgilis+  Tyres
Michelin Alpin  TyresAlpin  Tyres
Michelin Alpin 5  TyresAlpin 5  Tyres
Alpin 5
Michelin Alpin 5 DT  TyresAlpin 5 DT  Tyres
Alpin 5 DT
Michelin Alpin 5 G1  TyresAlpin 5 G1  Tyres
Alpin 5 G1
Michelin Alpin 5 XL TyresAlpin 5 XL Tyres
Alpin 5 XL
Michelin Alpin A3  TyresAlpin A3  Tyres
Alpin A3
Michelin Alpin A3 XL TyresAlpin A3 XL Tyres
Alpin A3 XL
Michelin Alpin A4  TyresAlpin A4  Tyres
Alpin A4
Michelin Alpin A4 GRNX  TyresAlpin A4 GRNX  Tyres
Alpin A4 GRNX
Michelin Alpin A4 XL TyresAlpin A4 XL Tyres
Alpin A4 XL
Michelin Alpin A5 XL TyresAlpin A5 XL Tyres
Alpin A5 XL
Michelin Compact  TyresCompact  Tyres
Michelin Compact C2  TyresCompact C2  Tyres
Compact C2
Michelin Cross Terrain  TyresCross Terrain  Tyres
Cross Terrain
Michelin Cross Terrain DT  TyresCross Terrain DT  Tyres
Cross Terrain DT
Michelin CrossClimate  TyresCrossClimate  Tyres
Michelin CrossClimate SUV  TyresCrossClimate SUV  Tyres
CrossClimate SUV
Michelin CrossClimate SUV XL TyresCrossClimate SUV XL Tyres
CrossClimate SUV XL