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wheel alignment

In the case of a misaligned axle geometry, the tyres of your vehicle are not optimally positioned on the road, causing increased fuel consumption and uneven wear on the tyres. For a safe driving behaviour and a longer service life of the tyres, it is advisable to carry out a track and axle measurement regularly, for example when changing tyres, and, if necessary, to adjust the track.

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What is a wheel alignment and how is it done?

Wheel alignment

In the case of wheel alignment, your motor vehicle workshop will check all relevant chassis values with an axle measuring computer using state-of-the-art technical measuring methods. For particularly exact values, this device works with a laser that measures the exact position of the axes. Besides, the entire geometry of the landing gear is checked to detect possible deviations.

Wheel alignment or tracking?

Wheel alignment is always the first step. If the ascertained actual values deviate slightly from the set values of the manufacturer data, or if they lie in the measuring tolerance, the wheel alignment is terminated.

If your car does not reach the target values, a subsequent track setting should be made to correct the deviation. The readjustments in the track settings are also computer-controlled. If the vehicle mechanic detects damage to the wheel suspension during the survey, these must also be repaired. In the final post-measurement, all values should then be correct.

Why should I have a wheel alignment carried out?

Hitting even a minor curb or driving through pot holes can lead to damage to the chassis and a misaligned axle geometry over time. A regular wheel alignment check ensures safety, more driving comfort and reduces wear. Even a slight misalignment of the chassis geometry, for example through the daily driving through pot-holes or curbs, leads to uneven tyre wear and asymmetrical wear patterns. The resulting increased tyre wear and the deteriorated driving behaviour are sometimes unnoticed by the driver.

The precise setting of the axle geometry within the scope of the wheel alignment, therefore, increases not only the tyre's running performance but also your safety: the vehicle shows a better driving behaviour, improved ground adhesion and more sprinting.

When is a wheel alignment necessary?

When driving, your car automatically pulls to the left or right slightly, so you need to correct the direction of the steering wheel? When looking at the tyres and they seem not evenly worn because the profile has different depths? Then it is high time for a workshop appointment for wheel alignment!

However, even if there are no particular indications, an axle measurement should be carried out every 24 months. This allows the workshop to detect and rectify minor deviations at an early stage. Useful and favourable opportunities for wheel alignment are the mounting of wider rims or a regular date for tyre changes. Even after buying a used car or after a collision, motor vehicle safety experts recommend that an axle measurement should be carried out to check the chassis geometry.