Wheel Alignment in Rotherham

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The alignment of your wheels can be thrown out for a variety of reasons. Commonly this can happen after a sudden or heavy impact hitting the tyres such as a pothole, curb or collision.
Here at Canklow Service Station, we have the correct technology to get your wheels perfectly aligned. Book your wheel alignment in Rotherham online today using our booking system by entering a handful of basic details you can browse through our available dates and times to book when is most convenient for you.

Some of the common symptoms of misaligned wheels include:

These all indicate a misalignment of the wheels. Fortunately, with the right tools and specialist knowledge we can take precise measurements of the wheels and reset their alignment to the correct position.
Incorrectly aligned tyres will wear down tyre tread quicker and will impact the fuel efficiency and handling of your vehicle.
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Mechanic measuring a vehicles wheels - Wheel Alignment Rotherham