Winter Tyres

Winter tyres in Rotherham: great special offers at the Canklow Service Station. 

Winter tyres - safely on the road on snow and ice 

In the cold season, many drivers are not aware that the road conditions can change unexpectedly quickly. No matter whether in dry weather and temperatures below zero degrees or in the snow and ice - the use of high-quality winter tyres provides the driver and his passengers with the best possible road safety during these weather conditions. 

Winter tyres can be identified by the letters M + S, which means "mud and snow". This marking is also to be found on wintery all-season or whole-year tyres. The additional symbol of a snowflake on the tyres indicates a high-quality standard. 

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You will not only find your new winter tyres quickly and easily.  In spite of winter tyres, you should always act defensively in road traffic and adjust your driving style according to the actual circumstances. This way you can safely and easily drive through the winter.  

Special features of winter tyres: 

So that the winter tyres do not lose ground adhesion on the ice and snow-covered roads, they are made from a unique, cold-resistant rubber blend. Such tyres have larger profile grooves and are equipped with additional slats. A particularly good water displacement of the tyres also prevents dangerous aquaplaning. 

All of these features are designed to provide drivers with more driving stability and a shorter braking distance, even in difficult conditions. Please note that in many European countries winter tyres are required by law. Even if the period for the winter tyre cannot be determined precisely, safety experts still recommend the well-known rule of thumb "from O to E" - from October to Easter.