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Book your tyres in Rotherham online today and browse through a full range of car tyres in Rotherham at very affordable costs, suitable for your vehicle. From budget to premium brands and specialist tyres such as winter tyres and run flats you will find the options to suit you. Enter your vehicle registration number and tyre sizes to get started.

At Canklow Service Centre we have access to the largest stock of tyres for same-day fitting than any other garage in Rotherham. We can provide part worn and new tyres for Cars, Vans, 4x4 and SUVs, Winter & Summer Tyres including Budget, Mid-range, Premium and Specialist brands such as ETB, Michelin, Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone and so much more.

Whilst all tyres sold in the UK are required to meet minimum standards for safety and quality many still consider cheap imported tyres to carry a level of uncertainty regarding their overall quality and durability.

When producing a budget tyre, the manufacturer will often be restricted to a particular price point meaning that the focus of that tyre's production will be one based on margins, not on producing the best tyre. You can expect cheaper materials and less sophisticated technologies being implemented in their design and manufactured.

In contrast, a premium tyre will have been developed and manufactured using exactly what is required to make the best, highest quality tyre possible with the price point being applied afterwards. This means that you can be more assured that a premium tyre will have the best qualities when it comes to safety, performance and longevity.

Canklow Service Station in Rotherham would always recommend a high-quality tyre over a budget tyre, the additional cost is well worth the peace of mind of knowing that you are driving on tyres designed to be the best and not tyres designed to meet minimum legal requirements at a cheaper price.

It is important that your vehicle's tyres have the correct level of tread and are now showing any signs of damage. Not only is driving without the correct level dangerous for yourself, your passengers and other road users but it also carries a hefty fine and points if you were to be found driving on them.

Fortunately, there is a simple test you can conduct to assess the condition of your tyres. With nothing more than a 20p piece, you can ascertain whether new tyres are required. We have provided the following diagram to illustrate this.

20p piece image - Tyres Rotherham

Looking for a tyre garage in Rotherham you can rely on? Look no further and choose Canklow Service Station! A friendly and trustworthy garage providing quality tyres and fitting all year round. For more information on our tyres or to book call us in Rotherham on 01709 382 875 or contact us using our contact form.

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