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With over 20 years of experience in dealing with clutches, we are your local clutch and timing belt specialists in Rotherham. We guarantee we can offer you the best clutch service for your vehicle.
We supply and fit clutches for nearly all vehicles at very competitive prices.
All clutches carry full parts and a labour guarantee. Please call in for free advice and diagnosis of clutch-related problems.

Why Is The Clutch So Important?

The clutch is an essential part of your vehicle, like many vehicle components, this needs to be checked out regularly and thoroughly. The clutch protects the transmission and engine by disconnecting the wheels from the continually running motor during gear shifts. A clutch repair or replacement will usually be required during your vehicle’s lifetime, normally due to wear from excessive mileage.
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How Do I Know If I Need A Clutch Replaced? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

Burning Smells
When you were first learning to drive you probably experienced a heavy burning smell that occurred as you learned how to accelerate in first gear. Well, if the smell becomes apparent as you drive your vehicle long after first learning it could indicate that there is a bigger problem. Most likely the clutch plate has worn thin and will need to be replaced. However, if you regularly drive in heavy traffic you may experience the smell more often, and it doesn’t necessarily mean a replacement is needed right away.
Slipping Gears
If your car regularly slips out of gear or seems to fall into neutral without warning, there is a good chance that the clutch plate is worn down and will need to be replaced. However, there is also the possibility that this is being caused by an oil leak that is dripping onto the clutch plate which then results in excessive lubrication. This leak would also contribute to the clutch slipping.
Sticky Clutch Pedal
The clutch utilizes hydraulic linkage and if fails, may result in a clutch pedal that sticks closer to the floor or may become more difficult to press. There is a good chance that the linkage will only need to be adjusted to solve this issue, but if it has begun to leak hydraulic fluid, there will be a complete loss of pressure and will need to be replaced.
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