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Our workshop at Canklow Service Centre in Rotherham is equipped with the latest technologies to take an accurate and thorough reading of your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit).
Once we have ascertained the cause of the fault by taking a reading of the data stored within your ECU, we will be able to offer the appropriate repair solutions. This will be quoted before any work is conducted.
As technology progress in vehicles they are becoming more and more computerised, a trend that will continue to advance, maintaining the computerised aspects of your vehicle is fast becoming an essential aspect of vehicle maintenance.
At Canklow Service Centre we are committed to investing in the latest technologies to keep up with the continuing evolution of the modern vehicles onboard computers. All our technicians are highly experienced and fully qualified to carry out diagnostic checks
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The Engine Control Unit is the centralised point that receives data captured from multiple sensors located all around your vehicle. The ECU is able to detect faults from this data, often displaying them as a warning light on the dashboard. It is responsible for monitoring a large number of systems within the vehicle including:
Car Diagnostics Rotherham