Car Servicing in Rotherham

Comprehenisve servicing for all makes and models

The benefits of car servicing with Canklow in Rotherham

We offer fantastic and cost effective service options for all vehicles at our 5 star service garage in Rotherham. Not only does servicing give our technicians a great opportunity to get a good look at what is going on in your vehicle, but a well serviced vehicle will last longer and be more fuel efficient.
The engine requires ample lubrication to run smoothly, with so many moving parts and pistons reducing the amount of friction between them all will enhance the lifetime of your engine.
It is recommended that an oil change is carried out at a car workshop using high quality oils whilst providing a fresh oil filter. With regular servicing your vehicle will enjoy a healthier and longer lasting life.
Really though the key to servicing is regularity. A consistently serviced vehicle running with fresh oil and clean filters will enjoy the full benefits of servicing.
Take a day each year to treat your vehicle to a full service. An annual full service is absolutely essential for those who reach or exceed the 10,000 miles a year mark. Not only will you vehicle be given a full oil change and a fresh set of filters, but also a top up of the other vital fluids across the vehicle.
You can contact us on 01709 382 875 or Contact us using our contact form to discuss the servicing options available for your vehicle.
Mechanic pouring engine oil into a vehicle - Car Servicing Rotherham