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When the next appointment for the main examination is due, you can easily find out by looking at your last MOT certificate or by looking at the relevant DVLA web page. 

The exhaust gas test is also part of the MOT test, which is designed to ensure the viability of all vehicles in road traffic. Failing to comply with the prescribed time limit should be avoided in order not to risk a fine.

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The MOT and exhaust gas testing - indispensable dates for vehicle owners

Emissions test

The main inspection, also referred to as MOT, ensures the safety of the vehicles, while the exhaust gas inspection checks the emissions of the vehicles. 

Through our convenient MOT booking service, car owners can easily find a suitable specialist date. Booking your next MOT becomes child's play, and the fees are known in advance.

MOT overdue? Can the deadline be extended?

Unfortunately NO.  In the case of a delayed presentation to the MOT testing station, a fine will be payable. The longer you delay the test, the more expensive it will get. 

Main examination 

The legal regulations of the MOT and exhaust gas investigation

The fact is, who owns a vehicle approved for road traffic in the UK must comply with the statutory test regulations. This does not apply to cars alone. Trucks, transporters and trailers must also be regularly inspected at regular intervals during the MOT test as well as the exhaust gas examination. The legislature wants to ensure the roadworthiness of vehicles on the roads with the required technical verification. At the same time, the review serves to check the environmental compatibility of the vehicles and to eliminate any inconsistencies. In order for a uniform review to be carried out, the legislator has developed a particular verification catalogue, which the inspectors have to follow precisely.

Vehicles with an initial registration of more than 36 months: compulsory for the main examination after every 12 months

Each vehicle owner can check for himself/herself when he/she has to present his/her vehicle to the MOT station next time. The previous test certificate provides information about the exact due date.

Both vehicle examinations may only be carried out by official testing stations/workshops. 

The course of the main examination

The Main examination of a vehicle

In order to create a fair and safe regulation, the vehicle inspectors orient themselves on a questionnaire. This shows which vehicle components are subject to control within the framework of the MOT. In a superordinate sense, the vehicles are tested for their condition, the function as well as the effect of the individual components. The most important test components are:






Steering system,

Lighting system,


Windows and Wind Screen,

Electrical installations.

Also, the inspector checks the function of the windscreen wipers and checks whether the required safety equipment is available. For example, a missing warning triangle or a first aid box whose shelf life has expired can already be a defect and results in an MOT Failure.

The environmentally relevant vehicle parts are being tested as part of the exhaust gas analysis integrated into the MOT. By means of special measuring systems, the inspector measures the exhaust gas values and compares them with the valid guide values for the respective vehicle.

What vehicle documents to bring to the MOT?

Since the technical inspection of the vehicle today is computer-assisted, the car owner has to hand over the vehicle registration certificate (V5) to the inspector before the MOT as well as the DVLA appointment letter or any MOT refusal documents.  If modifications have been made to the vehicle in the past which require additional approval, these documents must also be submitted to the MOT tester. This applies in particular to tuned vehicles which have received a new exhaust system or special rims. 

Just bring your car to your Canklow Service Station in Rotherham for the next MOT test. We can "pre-check" your vehicle before the test to make sure everything is ok so the vehicle will not fail. That way, you will save time and money.  You do not have to arrange another date for review and save yourself the cost of re-testing. At the same time, it is possible to connect the MOT with the yearly vehicle service, tyre change or a general check for holiday or winter preparation.

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