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A modern car has a complex and sensitive vehicle diagnostic system. With the expert reading out of the error memory, the time of the error search can be shortened, possible deficiencies can be detected at an early stage and the correct measures can be taken. In addition, an initial readout of the fault memory can prevent damage which worsens with the progress of time. It is therefore important to always keep an eye on the displays on the onboard computer of your car and to drive into the workshop with a blinking indicator light and to read out the fault memory. At the Canklow Service Station, we have all the right computer technology to carry out professional fault diagnostics on your car. 

Fault diagnostics by reading the car's fault memory

Modern vehicles are increasingly becoming driving computers. The electronics control a multitude of processes in the car and can hardly be imagined. The driver must be able to rely on the functionality of the control units. The vehicle diagnosis system measures the continuous technical data of the car via a network to sensors and sends it to a board computer. As soon as an error occurs, this is signaled to the driver using a control lamp, an acoustic signal or a display of the on-board computer.

The fault memory usually shows the cause of the failure quickly and avoids an extensive error search. The onboard diagnostics (OBD) - also known as the vehicle diagnostics system - saves damage or malfunctions and displays them directly in the car cockpit. The permanently incoming measured values are checked for plausibility on the basis of the limit values. The fault is read and analyzed in each workshop using specialized hardware and software.

We at Canklow Service Station in Rotherham have an extensive range of analysis devices, which can be used to evaluate the errors and data of the fault memory correctly.

Methods for assessing the errors:

Diagnostic tester

data logger

Vehicle diagnosis system

This is done in the workshop

Our specialist analyses the data after reading the fault memory in the workshop

Not only the fault memory is read out. Also, the expert data analysis and error diagnostics are included in the service. As a rule, reading the error memory in a workshop does not take more than 30 minutes. Deleting the error memory can be done in less than five minutes.

Readout the error memory using the special hardware and software;

Analyze the readout data and error code;

Prepare fault diagnosis and, if necessary, repair plan with the cost estimate;

Erase the error code from the error memory (if necessary after repair).

If it was determined during the readout of the memory and after the data analysis that a repair is needed, you would certainly receive a quotation from our workshop with an estimate for the problems identified. Whether the defect should be repaired in the workshop, however, you can decide for yourself.

Static and sporadic errors in the error memory

When evaluating faults, a distinction is made between static and sporadic measurement errors. Static errors are permanently stored in the error memory, whereby sporadic errors in the error memory are automatically cleared by the system once the error no longer occurs within a driving cycle. Integrated driving cycle counters measure the intervals automatically.

After the repair, the diagnostics command can be used to erase the warning in the fault memory. Meanwhile, the fault memory in the car is however intelligently programmed and can not simply be deleted. Depending on the severity of the error, the error can not just be reset and ignored. An existing reference to a problem is intended to draw the driver's attention permanently. This also protects prospective buyers from any forgotten or concealing problems with the electronics of the vehicle.

Various control units in the car are assigned to different components which only measure corresponding errors. In the case of error analysis, the control units can be requested completely either manually or according to the auto type completely automatically. If necessary, the workshop will delete the corresponding fault via a diagnostic command.

Typical errors of the onboard electronics, which can read control units, are:

sensor interruption

Short circuit against ground

Short circuit against plus

An engine oil deficiency is, for example, one of the alternative types of faults, which are also read out by an error memory.

Whatever the fault in your car - Vehicle diagnostic service - Rotherham - Canklow Service Station!